VISIONS AND PARADOX is creative direction and production agency for fashion shows, product launches, opening ceremonies, gala dinners and parties. Our services include researching venues, set design, decoration, sound & lighting production, video production, casting, photography and graphic design. Company is based in Tokyo but our productions meet no limits as we continue to produce fashion shows and events overseas (Paris/NY/Milan etc).

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Founder/Creative Director/Show Producer
Upon graduating from college, Komoriya first joined a SUN PRODUCE co.,ltd. in Tokyo.
In 2010, at the young age of 39, he was appointed the position of President at Japan’s largest fashion production company. During his term, Komo (Komoriya) masterminded fashion shows and events for top global brands including the Paris, New York and Tokyo Fashionweek.
One of the highlights of his productions was a LANVIN show in 2009 when Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver came to Japan.
He was the first in the world to produce a combined men’s and ladies show for LANVIN at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan (National Sumo Stadium).
In 2012, came the exciting visit by Karl Lagerfeld to Japan for CHANEL’s first haute-couture show outside of Paris in which Komo was in charge of general direction.
The highlight of 2015, was yet again another fabulous production of an exhibition and commemorative fashion show for ESPIRIT Dior Tokyo with Raf Simons present.
(In collaboration with BUREAU BETAK)

After an illustrious career as President for 5 years with countless shows and events, Komo set his sights to the next stage and established VISIONS AND PARADOX in 2016. As the Creative Director and Show Producer, he continues to design shows and events for CHANEL, DIOR, UNIQLO, SHISEIDO and various maison brands.
Through collaborative projects with international fashion production companies,
he has developed deep relationships and trust while establishing a high reputation for his expressive designwork.
Komo’s work is known for its spectacular use of modern and revolutionary materials and designs in harmony with deep undertones of tradition and history, which gives true meaning to his creation of VISIONS & PARADOX.

籠谷 友近

Founder/Creative Director/Show Producer
大学卒業後、アパレル会社を経てSUN PRODUCE CO.,LTD.入社。
2010年 彼が39歳の時、大手ファッションプロダクションでは異例の早さで代表取締役に就任。
2009年にはAlber Elbaz氏とLucas Ossendrijver両デザイナーが来日した、LANVIN世界初となるMENSとWOMENの合同SHOWを両国国技館にて演出する。
2012年には、PARIS以外では世界初の開催となるCHANEL SS2012 haute-couture SHOWにKarl Lagerfeld氏が来日し、新宿御苑の特設テントにおいて、そのSHOWの総合演出を手掛けた。
2015年にはRaf Simons氏の来日によるESPRIT Dior Tokyoの展覧会と国技館におけるメゾン初のDior pre fall showをBureau Betakと共同プロデュースする。

5年を過ぎた後、新たな舞台に進む事を決意し、2016年にVISIONS AND PARADOX CO.,LTD.を設立。クリエイティブディレクター、ショープロデューサーとしてCHANEL / DIOR / UNIQLO / SHISEIDO等、数々の国内外メゾンブランドのショーやパーティー、また新進気鋭の東京ブランドのパリ、ニューヨークにおけるショーをプロデュースし続けている。
籠谷が創出する現代的で革新的なデザインと、伝統や歴史を重んじた演出の見事な調和はVISIONS AND PARADOXの意と相似する。